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Stamps only came in one colour and basic colours like Black, Blue, Red, Green, or Purple. MultiColorStamps not only offers more than one colour on a self-inking stamp, but we also offer a wider range of colours. Unlike ordinary self-inking stamps that can print in only one colour, our multi-colour stamps let you stamp in several colours at once! This creates personality, greater prominence, and your stamp impression can be beautifully expressed in a multitude of colours as real as life. Our new multi-colour stamps feature a special laser-cut ink pad that allows you to designate colours to various areas of your stamp! The creative possibilities are almost endless!


Our high-tech, patented process uses laser technology to control the cutting and inking of both the stamp and the rubber die. Life is colourful!

Advantages of Multi-Color Stamps:-
- An individual, the multicoloured stamp impression is something special. It helps to set you off from the competition.
- Your stamp impression can display colourful symbols or present your logo in colours according to your Corporate Identity.
- An attractive pallet of ten standard colours, as well as a few special colours, is available to you.

There are only two things to bear in mind for a technically flawless stamp impression:
- Differently coloured letters and symbols must be at least 2 mm apart.
- A continuous colour field is at least 7 mm x 7 mm.

Multicolour Stamp