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Pre-ink Stamps

Choose from more than 150 stamp templates and hundreds of built-in images or draw your own frames, lines, and circles and import custom graphics to create unique, one-of-a-kind stamps. You can customize a pre-inking stamp with your address, desired text, art, or logo. Premium stamps that are pre-inked are made of durable materials for long-lasting use. If you need to stamp in large quantities, these types of stamps are an economical time-saving choice. Custom pre-inked stamps provide a high-quality impression, as the ink is embedded directly into the wording. Create thousands of impressions with a pre-inking stamp before needing to replace it. Easily customize your pre-inked stamp and choose from a large assortment of sizes to best suit your needs. We also offer various shapes of stamps, so you can find the right pre-inking stamp for your requirements. Our streamlined manufacturing process can make pre-inked stamps within 10min*

Each stamp features the highest quality components to ensure trouble-free repetitive use:

- 600 dpi print quality, every stamp impression you make will be clear, clean, and sharp
- Stamps are available in many different shapes & sizes
- All stamps are pre-inked and refillable...no messy ink pads needed! Ink is fast-drying to prevent smudging
- Each stamp's surface has been created using a durable rubber, helping to extend the life of the stamp
- Stamps will last up to 50,000 impressions with proper re-inking

To order Pre-ink Stamp, just e-mail us your valid Trade, Professional or Commercial License copy & your ID Proof. So we can make an draft & send you for approval.