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Pre-ink Stamp

Choose from more than 150 stamp templates and hundreds of built-in images or draw your own frames, lines and circles and import custom graphics to create unique, one-of-a-kind stamps.

You can customize a pre-inking stamp with your address, desired text, art, or logo. Premium stamps that are pre-inked are made of a durable materials for long-lasting use. If you need to stamp in large quantities, these types of stamps are an economical time-saving choice. Custom pre-inked stamps provide a high-quality impression, as the ink is embedded directly into the wording. Create thousands of impressions with a pre-inking stamp before needing to replace it. Easily customize your pre-inked stamp and choose from a large assortment of sizes to best suit your needs. We also offer various shapes of stamps, so you can find the right pre-inking stamp for your requirements.
Our streamlined manufacturing process can make pre-inked stamps within 10min*

If you’re looking for self-inking rubber stamps, you’re in the right place. is sure to have the custom rubber stamp you need and at the right price! We currently offer Colop, Shiny, Trodat, and Brother brands, round and rectangle mounts, and various sizes. Whether you need a custom self-inking stamp with one word, a long message with up to 13 lines of custom text, custom artwork, or anything in between, we have a stamp that fits!

A self-inking mount re-inks the rubber die onto its inner ink pad before each impression, making it ideal for quick, repetitive stamping - perfect for those days of busywork. Self-inking stamps feature water-based ink, are re-inkable and refillable, and come in many colours. These stamps feature a quality image and last for thousands of impressions.

Use a self-inking stamp as an address stamp, a custom logo stamp for your business or office, a date stamp, a fun message, a stamp for arts and crafts, and more! The options are endless with a custom stamp at an economical price.
These products are excellent for when you need to stamp a high volume of documents with a clean impression every time. Plus, the ink pad inside of your self-inking stamp can be replaced or re-inked, prolonging the life of the product and reducing waste.

To order self-inking rubber stamps, just e-mail us your valid Trade, Professional or Commercial License copy & your ID Proof. So we can make a draft & send you for approval.

Self-inking Stamps

Organization and dating made easy! has a wide-ranging selection of date stamps, including Trodat, Shiny, and Colop brands. Date stamps are an efficient and accurate way to keep track of the date transactions occur, and help to organize and archive documents around the office or home.
A date stamp works like a regular stamp except it has movable bands that adjust for the year, month, and day. This comes in handy when you have repeated items that need to be marked with the date.
Choose from round and rectangle impressions, large or small sizes, and stock or customizable designs. Here you’ll find a dater for any need: heavy-duty designs for high-volume stamping, lightweight and portable designs for inspections, and everything in between. 

Self-inking mounts re-ink the rubber die into a self-contained ink pad before each impression, making it ideal for quick, repetitive stamping. A traditional mount is a great economical choice with crisp impressions and requires a separate ink pad. Keep a dater on hand at the office, at school, at home or anywhere a date is needed! Staying organized will soon be a cinch with a date stamp.

To order self-inking dater stamps, just e-mail us your valid Trade, Professional or Commercial License copy & your ID Proof. So we can make a draft & send you for approval.

Date Stamp

Personal Seal Pack comes with a genuine wood handle, Interchangeable die and one Water stone high-quality Scottish Sealing wax stick. Moreover, Nice offers a selection of different changeable dies that include the plain one for your personal initials & designs. Wax Stamp used to enhance Wedding Invitations, Tender Documents and Personal Letter covers It comes in 20 mm, 25 mm and 30 mm diameter.

Wax Seal

There is no limit to the number of possible applications. whether used for your company logo, home address or invitations embossing will always make your documents look more elegant.
The unique, modern design, Press guarantees a consistent imprint quality with minimum effort. Its sleek design means it can be used as a universal desk or pocket seal press.
The short grip span makes it easy to create an impression with minimal effort. The intuitive design of the seal press ensures that it is simple to insert the die plate holder, unique ergonomics ensure it is lightweight, making it comfortable to use both in the office and when travelling.
Synthetic Seal Plate sized between 40 to 50 mm. Only to be used on paper stock up to 200 gsm thickness. Consider ordering Heavy Duty Embossing Seal if you wish to stamp little thicker.

Embossing Seal

Rubber stamps can be used for so many different things! we have found that stamping an impression onto paper bags is becoming increasingly popular especially for many small to medium-size businesses. Adding that professional touch to your packaging can help promote your business in a cost-effective way. With the new rules about plastic carrier bags many businesses are reverting back to the traditional paper bags for their products, the cost of printing can be very expensive so stamping your impression can save you money! Using a rubber stamp to print on paper bags is not only an economical way of printing it is also a great way to get your name and brand out there! The traditional rubber stamp is the most popular option for this; with impressions up to around 150mm wide, you can stamp your logo design and any additional text of your choice.

Rubber Stamp

Stamps only came in one colour and basic colours like Black, Blue, Red, Green, or Purple. MultiColorStamps not only offers more than one colour on a self-inking stamp, but we also offer a wider range of colours. Unlike ordinary self-inking stamps that can print in only one colour, our multi-colour stamps let you stamp in several colours at once! This creates personality, greater prominence, and your stamp impression can be beautifully expressed in a multitude of colours as real as life.

Our new multi-colour stamps feature a special laser-cut ink pad that allows you to designate colours to various areas of your stamp! The creative possibilities are almost endless!

Multicolour Stamps

Advantages of Multi-Color Stamps:-
- An individual, the multicoloured stamp impression is something special. It helps to set you off from the competition.
- Your stamp impression can display colourful symbols or present your logo in colours according to your Corporate Identity.
- An attractive pallet of ten standard colours, as well as a few special colours, is available to you.

There are only two things to bear in mind for a technically flawless stamp impression:
- Differently coloured letters and symbols must be at least 2 mm apart.
- A continuous colour field is at least 7 mm x 7 mm.

We are the No. 1 Rubber Stamp manufacturer in Dubai, UAE. Every day, we print hundreds of stamps. There is a large selection of stamps to pick from, including Self Ink Stamps and Pre-Ink Stamps. We manufacture self-inking stamps with well-known international names such as Colop, Shiny, and Trodat. Company Stamps are required in Dubai and Abu Dhabi when completing any official documents, such as opening a bank account or applying for a visa. We can create anything, whether it's a simple design or one with a corporate logo. We provide affordable rates, delivery, and customer service. Check out our selection of stamp sizes and styles that are appropriate for your business.

Stamp Making Requirements

Valid Trade License

Incorporation Certificate

Company Registration Copy

Passport Copy/Emirates ID Appearing in the license.

Any of  the following: (Local Sponsor, Company Owner, Manager & Official PRO)

Rubber Stamp Font and Design

You are able to design your stamp in almost any font style, whether it be a stylish font or a corporate font that matches your business identity. You may also insert graphics and logos that match your branding. Since rubber stamps are often used as a seal of the company in correspondence with government officials, it is recommended to use a clear and crisp font, as well as a logo, so the stamp makes an impression.

Personalized Rubber Stamps with your own graphic.

Would you want to incorporate a signature, logo, or favourite picture in your rubber stamp? Not a problem! You may email us your license, and we will incorporate it into the design. Save your work as crisp, clean vector drawings, ideally in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw format, for the greatest effects.

Here are some facts about rubber stamps.
A Company Rubber Stamp (also known as a company seal or corporate stamp) is an official seal that is used by every firm.
Stamps historically served as evidence of the fact that a document was the company's act and deed, while a director signing a document was subject to the applicable restrictions and limitations under ordinary agency law.

Each stamp features the highest quality components to ensure trouble-free repetitive use:

- 600 dpi print quality, every stamp impression you make will be clear, clean, and sharp
- Stamps are available in many different shapes & sizes
- All stamps are pre-inked and messy ink pads needed! Ink is fast-drying to prevent smudging
- Each stamp's surface has been created using a durable rubber, helping to extend the life of the stamp
- Stamps will last up to 50,000 impressions with proper re-inking

To order Pre-ink Stamp, just e-mail us your valid Trade, Professional or Commercial License copy & your ID Proof. So we can make an draft & send you for approval.

Our high-tech, patented process uses laser technology to control the cutting and inking of both the stamp and the rubber die. Life is colourful!